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    Makes giving your website a favicon, the picture that appears in tabs and on Bookmarks, as easy as picking some options and clicking Download. What a great resource!

  2. google-webfonts-helper

    This site makes it easy to set up self-hosting Google Fonts. Although Google gives you code to download fonts from their servers, hosting the fonts yourself reduces the requests and should ever-so-slightly bump up the loading speed of your site.

  3. Playing Epic Store Games on a Steam Link

    I have a Raspberry Pi emulator running retro games, but lately I've also been running Steam Link on it to play some PC games (FF pixel remasters are really meant for a big screen TV). In this article, Sean Z goes step by step how to put Epic Game Store games on the Steam Link as well.

  4. rpilocator

    Updates when new stock of Raspberry Pi's become available at retailers. No price gouging here, but you do have to keep up--with the ongoing shortages, stock doesn't stay around for very long.