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Rollback to the old

Lately, between the iPad Pro ad and AI, I've been thinking about new technology and practicing the art of planting my feet down and saying, "this is perfect for my needs."

Recently, that new iPad commercial with the crusher (no I'm not linking to it) has caught a lot of scrutiny amongst those in the tech world. It's funny for such a simple throwaway thing like an ad for some new consumer technology to get such ire; many ads are similarly dumb. But then again, Apple has always put an emphasis on marketing.

The message was probably supposed to be: music, art, entertainment, it does it all!

But what we end up seeing is: human creativity and craft destroyed and commodified into a flat piece of metal.

There hasn't been a truer metaphor for the tech industry's light-speed crash into generative AI. All of human history dumped into a costly, water-guzzling environmental hazard, just so we can write a prompt and end up with a goofy bi-product of statistical analysis. The continual outputtings of OpenAI and Google simply do not solve real-world needs or problems; they're inefficient, environmentally destructive and yet they still require expert human proof-reading. What they do create is gobs of useless content that Google's own search engine (among others) is powerless to weed through.

Thankfully, Apple seems less invested in gen AI than others, but the metaphor in this ad is still there. I'm hoping its day as Twitter's main character has taught Apple a small lesson.

Wait, wait, what about that iPad Pro though? #

You do not need the new iPad Pro. You don't even need the most recent regular iPad to do all these things.

Guess what? For under $350 you can get a discounted gen 9 iPad, a gen 1 Pencil, Procreate and have yourself a lovely drawing tablet with one of the best feeling pressure-sensitive pens on the market, that is capable of doing large works at 300 dpi with 10+ layers. $50 extra will get you a keyboard and mouse to pair with it, and voilĂ , you now have an extremely affordable computing device that is more capable than any laptop at a similar price point.

Don't get the latest and greatest. Embrace efficiency and use what works.